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NPR’s Jazz Night In America!

NPR – …Daymé Arocena, a powerhouse vocalist from Cuba, and one of the standout new voices of the last several years in any genre. (If you’ve seen Arocena’s gripping Tiny Desk Concert from last year, you won’t need much more convincing.) Drawing mainly from her fine recent album Cubafonía, she brought Afro-Cuban fire[…]

JAZZIZ: Daymé Arocena, ‘Cubafonía’

JAZZIZ – Cuban soul singer Daymé Arcoena’s booming alto is boundless. From her days as a choir student and conductor at Havana’s prestigious Roldan Conservatory to collaborations with Canadian flutist/bandleader Jane Bunnet and British producer Gilles Peterson to the release in 2015 of her well received full-length debut, Nueva Era the Afro-Cuban singer[…]

Cuba’s Daymé Arocena found her religion through music

PRI’s The World – Daymé Arocena strolls onstage barefoot, beaming as her band primes an audience in Boston for 90 minutes of Cuban jazz. Her head is wrapped in a white turban and she wears a white dress — the color of Santería, the Afro-Cuban religion born out of European Catholicism and[…]

Cuba’s Jazz Phenomenon Fusing Salsa, Hip-Hop And Neo-Soul

VIBE – Daymé Arocena is a singing drum. Her mouth blooms a litany of ethereal chants, a sacred devotion as impeccable as her white assembles against her molasses skin—traditional garb in the Afro-Cuban religion of Santeria. She moves in the world the way she moves on any stage: swaying hips[…]

Cuban Millennial Daymé Arocena bends musical traditions

The Boston Globe – Arocena’s 2015 debut album, “Nueva Era,” was an original statement: Afro-Cuban roots music transposed into the kind of sophisticated, future-soul frame for which Peterson is known. Her follow-up album, this year’s “Cubafonía,” is in a sense the return journey. It finds Arocena digging into the many[…]

More Than ‘Cha-Cha-Chá’

WBUR – The ARTery – The Cuban singer and bandleader Daymé Arocena is best known for her massive voice, a throaty bellow that has invited comparisons to Aretha Franklin and Celia Cruz, the queen divas themselves. But Arocena’s latest release, “Cubafonía,” is as much a testament to her omnivorous musicality. On[…]

A Beautiful Afro-Cuban Ode to Santería’s God of Crossroads

okayafrica – Daymé Arocena‘s new album, Cubafonía, is a wonder of handcrafted Afro-Cuban music, bringing the rhythms of today’s Cuba—not just the ’50s Cuban sound that you hear so often—to the world. “Eleggua,” one of the standout compositions from Daymé’s latest album, blends Afro-Cuban rhythms with bursting horns and jazz influences. Read more[…]

Billboard: Daymé Arocena, ‘Cubafonía’

Billboard – The infinite power of Afro-Cuban ritual drives the remarkable young Cuban singer Dayme Arocena’s latest, Cubafonia.  On this luscious Gilles Peterson-produced recording, Arocena not only represents rumba, she carries on Cuba’s longstanding love affair with jazz and funk. Read more in Billboard

New York Times: The Playlist

The New York Times – Towering ambitions in Latin jazz take euphoric form on “Cubafonía,” the new album by the Cuban singer Daymé Arocena. Age-old Afro-Cuban rhythms, brassy big-band dance music, modern jazz harmonies and hints of funk all show up in her songs, and her voice — low, rich, agile[…]

NPR First Listen – Dayme Arocena, ‘Cubafonía’

NPR – There is something going on in Cuba that is, quite simply, raising the bar on music of all kinds. An incredibly talented and visionary group of Cuban millennials are reimagining their African roots through a lens that filters, jazz, soul and funk. And Daymé Arocena is literally giving voice[…]