Daymé Arocena

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Review: Daymé Arocena Mixes a Cosmopolitan Vibe With an Earthy Tone

The New York Times – But Ms. Arocena’s songs were above all about mutability. The only certainty was that they would end up a long way from where they began. Introspection gradually, and naturally, evolved into drama or exultancy; a percussive incantation, “Don’t Unplug My Body,” went through variations both assertive and seductive.

Daymé Arocena at Speakeasy

NPR Music – “Don’t unplug my body!” Daymé Arocena sang, chanted, growled, exhorted and whispered at the Speakeasy, as the growing crowd around her shouted in delight. She was utterly electric, a 23-year-old wunderkind blending jazz, neo-soul and the rhythms of her native Cuba.

The shift register of Cuban music

El Mundo ─ The shift register of Cuban music World – Something is changing in Cuban music. Daymé Arocena and Diana Fuentes look like day and night. Daymé released his first album ‘New Age’ at the hands of Gilles Peterson and Diana Fuentes makes it with Calle 13’s Visitante. (…) Daymé’s[…]

Havana’s Daymé Arocena Bridges Gap Between Cuban & American Music

Billboard – “her voice pouring liquid over hectic conga beats before breaking out in soulful celebration of the storied perfect combination of Cuban music and jazz. While U.S. and Cuban politicians currently struggle to find common ground, Arocena’s big voice finds harmony in the two countries’ shared musical history. (…) She seems ready[…]

Nueva Era

Télérama – “His vocal ease and ability to compose are obvious. A successful instrumental ornamentation while she stays sober: here a loop synthesizer, there a few deep notes (…) Daymé Arocena has all the cards. The maturity will do the rest ”   Read more in Telérama

Nueva Era review – a new rich and powerful voice from Cuba

The Guardian – At 22, Daymé Arocena has all the makings of being the next major Cuban star – if her songs are as distinctive as her rich and powerful voice. She’s a follower of the Afro-Cuban Santería faith, and her best material echoes the African-influenced religious chanting she has known[…]

Daymé Arocena, the new incredible voice coming to us from Cuba – The phenomenon Daymé Arocena landed from Cuba: an exceptional vocalist, improviser jazzwoman unparalleled. His first album was just released: “The Havana Cultura Sessions”. A tribute to the African roots of Cuba. We’ve discovered a few days ago in the jazz club “Le Duc des Lombards” in Paris, which hosts the[…]